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scooter 50

50cm³ Scooter

SYM Orbit 50
2 seats, economic, affordable, fuel endurances 150 km (93 miles), disc brakes, easy to drive, ideal for beach, short distances.
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125cm³ Scooter

SYM Joyride 125
2 seats, economic, comfortable, large boot, fuel endurance 200 km (124 Miles), disc brakes, ideal for shopping, beach, average distances.
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Mash Seventy Five

125cm³ Mash Seventy Five

Mash Seventy Five
Top speed 105 km/h, four stroke engine, front disk break Ø 300 mm, back disk break Ø 220 mm, Height for saddle 780 mm, weightly motorcycle 96 kg, tank 14 liters (3 liters per 100 Km, you have a 450 Km as motorcycle capacity.)
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Scooter 300cm³

SYM Joyride 300
2 seats, comfortable, fuel endurance 200 km, disk brakes, ideal for medium distances.
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Scooter 400cm³

Cafe racer


Scooter 500cm³

Royal Enfield

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